Luxury Beds Villa is a brand created by decades of experience in the selection of the best world production of furniture of excellence, to guarantee you the best sleep.
The original headquarters in Cornate d'Adda was the first space in which the customer was able to compare the comfort of the most exclusive international brands and evaluate them with immediate sensations. By the time, careful selection of world production continues and enriches the offer VLB, introducing new precious items of high range, even in Milano viale Piave 9

The shop-in-shop in Cornate d'Adda is entirely dedicated to the best sleep, synonymous with wellness and health, where to try the best beds in the world only made with the finest natural materials  (as the real horse hair, wool or cotton) and with patented spring systems to ensure support and unparalleled comfort.
Villa Luxury Beds also offers a wide selection of pillows and duvets made with feathers-quality top, unique quilts made of silk, flax and soft cotton.