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    VILLA ARREDAMENTI has a long history. Many years ago, exactly in 1960, the father Ezio Villa began an activity of small carpentry. In the following years, the activity has transformed from a commercial craft, beginning in this way to offer local customers furniture products, especially in Brianza. In 1972 VILLA ARREDAMENTI moved to its present site. In more recent years, Villas felt the need to characterize and improve the set, giving the job to one of the most famous Italian designer  Ennio Arosio to renovate the space, creating a new exhibition layout to better finalize the store's philosophy. All this has helped to make a change decided, but especially to make a selection of clients that is partly changed, following the evolution of the same showroom. The element of force remains the strong external characterization, which provides precise information on what the potential customer will find inside the showroom. In identifying the most significant elements of the Villa Furnishing, one can identify some plus related to the store historical and therefore to guarantee of reliability that only the tradition is able to ensure. Today, the services offered to customers have evolved and the friendliness and sympathy which always accompany the management of this showroom, have added special attention to the offer, which is always kept current, accurate and selected among the best global brands . In the logic of a more careful management, Villas begin to give attention to the specific skill areas that have the opportunity to become areas of excellence in which offer the highest specialization.