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The strong personality of our showroom lights up the interest of clients while inviting them to visit and enjoy the exhibition. The impact is striking and charming, without any doubt and the store setting demonstrates a peculiar attention to the definition of the various displaying areas. Nowadays, the siblings Lorena and Yosve Villa take care of the showroom, continuing with their family long tradition; the actualization of the offering started exactly when they joined the company.

Villa Arredamenti was born many years ago, exactly in 1960, when the founder Ezio Villa gave life to a small carpentry lab. During the following years, the artisan laboratory started transforming itself into a commercial reality, widening its market-share and offering to local clients high-quality furnishing solutions, especially in Brianza. In 1972, the Villa Arredamenti became a renowned reality and moved to the current building. During more recent years, the company felt the need to characterize and develop the whole space, instructing Ennio Arosio for the restructuring of the environment, designing a new displaying layout, in order to finalise at best the philosophy of the store. All this surely contributed to a decisive boost, but most of all to successfully reach a range of clients which had partially changed through years, following the same showroom changes. The strong point remains the exterior layout, from which potential customers can make a precise idea of what they will find inside, as soon as they look at the store. While defining which are the most meaningful elements of the Villa Arredamenti, some plus points can be soon identified: the historicity of the company and the warranty of reliability that only years of experience and tradition can ensure. Today, the services available for the clients are evolving and a particular attention to actual and selected offers by the most renowned international brands has been added to the cordiality and fondness that have always been guiding the management of this showroom during its history. Into the vision of an always more meticulous management, it is unavoidable to give more space to specific areas of competence, which have the possibility to become excellent spaces where to offer the maximum specialisation.