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1. To conclude the purchase agreement on you must fill in the electronic order form
2. The contract is always concluded when Villa Arredamenti srl receives the order form and the relative payment or deposit
3. For each order, the responsibility for verifying the details of the Order is entrusted to the Customer. The Customer is required to carefully check the Cart before insertion
4. In the very rare circumstance in which a product chosen by the buyer was no longer available at the time of sending the order form will be the care of Villa Arredamenti srl proceed to the refund of what already anticipated.
5. With the electronic transmission of the order form the buyer undertakes to observe all the General Conditions of Sale on this page.
6. The online sales contract between the Customer and the Supplier is intended to be concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law.
7. If the user does not agree with some of the terms listed in the General Conditions of Sale, please do not forward the order and contact the staff of Villa Arredamenti srl for any clarification.


Any Changes to the Order (both for the content of the supply and the shipping method) must be necessarily evaluated and authorized from case to case: in case of authorization to change is provided a Change Fee of € 50.00 (irrespective of the size of the order or the extent of the change request). The billing data entered during the order can only be modified until the invoice is issued. Total or partial refunds are made with the same type of payment chosen at the time of the order (Credit Card or Bank Transfer). The currency used for the refund is always the Euro (also in the case of transactions in different currency); the amount received by Villa Arredamenti srl is credited back net of bank charges.


Orders with Collection at Warehouse must be collected within 30 days from receipt of the communication of availability products. Delivery of the supply is started only with a welded order; the Standard Delivery service is intended with delivery on the street floor (on the ground floor, in the closest point to the entrance of your home accessible from the vehicle used for delivery) and the customer must cooperate with the driver to unload the packages from the side of the truck, sometimes also making other people available depending on the size and weight of the item purchased. Villa Arredamenti srl reserves the right to open some packages to carry out random checks possibly photographing the products and is legally responsible for the goods until delivery. Each type of shipment provides telephone notice, aimed at communicating or defining the day and time of delivery (with a degree of accuracy on the expected time variable according to the type of delivery selected). Once the delivery is scheduled, any unavailability by the customer that emerges less than 48 hours from the scheduled time can lead to the charge of costs to be quantified according to the type of delivery local VAT and import taxes are charged to the customer.


The form contained in the Shopping Cart indicates an estimate of the shipping cost: Standard Shipping refers to the street floor shipment in destinations not covered by the so-called Special Locations.
Special locations: in this case the customer has the right not to confirm the order.


The Delivery Times correspond to the sum of the Production Times with the Delivery Times declared.
The declared Production Times are to be interpreted as predictions based on the statistics of previous orders for the same type of product: each individual product sheet indicates the production times required for the product in question; in most cases the times vary between 3 and 8 weeks of production. Shipping Times are variable depending on the destination.
In consideration of the nature of "goods to be packaged or purchased especially for the Customer" (nature that characterizes ALL goods for sale on is provided by law an "additional term appropriate to the circumstances" within which a possible delay in production is considered precisely " reasonable respect for the circumstances”. Villa Arredamenti srl undertakes to fulfill the delivery of the goods within 30 days from the deadline agreed with the customer (deriving from the sum of Production Times, Shipping Times and any interruptions related to summer holidays, Christmas holidays or force majeure); After this period the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty and Villa Arredamenti srl will provide for the re-crediting of what previously paid by the customer (for orders comprising several products which are not complementary to each other or belonging to different collections, the Customer can withdraw from the purchase of only products that are delayed.
Finally, we point out that the productions and deliveries planned in the periods prior to the Christmas holidays or summer holidays could suffer significant delays related to the contingency of the period (even a minimal unexpected delay before a closing period such as the Christmas holidays or the closing of August can cause the delay of delivery to the reopening of January and September).
The times indicated here do not foresee interruptions of service due to atmospheric events (snowfall, hurricane, tornadoes, cyclones, storms, typhoons), natural events (floods, landslides, avalanches, earthquakes), health events (national health emergencies, pandemics) and other exceptional "human" events (strikes, demonstrations, riots, civil war, curfew). Service interruptions resulting from the events described interrupt the delivery periods described in this paragraph.


Villa Arredamenti srl works daily to keep its online catalogue up to date. Due to the large number of items and collections we propose, it can rarely happen that a certain option is no longer available. For the attribution of Outlet products available in a single unit, in the case of simultaneous orders of the same good, the priority is assigned on the basis of the time of payment (and not the placing of the order).
In similar cases, Villa Arredamenti srl promptly notifies the customer that he can decide whether to make changes to the order or request a refund of what has been paid. In the case of supplies consisting of several products, the possible unavailability of an article is a condition of reimbursement of the amount paid for the part relating to the article not available; obviously, the possible complementarity between the individual items is considered on a case-by-case basis (chairs combined with the table, bedside tables combined with the bed, ...).


For the high customization that characterizes our products and for the production processes mainly on order of our suppliers, the right of withdrawal is not applicable to the vast majority of the products of our catalog, for more information, contact Villa Arredamenti srl before purchase or before production. The consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal "for goods not prefabricated produced on the basis of an individual choice or decision of the consumer" (Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament) and for "goods made to measure or clearly personalized" (art. 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014).
Remains in place (as inalienable) the right for the consumer to withdraw from any contract at a distance, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the period of 14 days from the day of delivery at the address specified in the order (as advance notice not applicable to the goods covered by the above types of customization).


Possible replacement of defective or damaged articles in the transport (or parts of articles where the anomaly concerns only components) requires slightly lower or even equal times to those of production as it is almost always products on order and follows the same delivery methods indicated in the order. The replacement procedure is initiated upon receipt of the photographic documentation produced by the Customer, which must be received immediately after delivery. Villa Arredamenti srl works with maximum speed in order to reduce waiting times.
The concept of "reasonable tolerance" exists in the verification and analysis of possible "finishing anomalies": this is a typical sector practice of highly customised goods and custom-made products, and is intended as a threshold within which certain finishing anomalies may be considered "tolerable", and are therefore not to be considered "vices" (and therefore do not provide for the free replacement of the good or the interested party). An anomaly of finish is considered to fall within the concept of "reasonable tolerance" only when: A- does not affect the use of the good; B- cannot be perceived during the normal use of the good but only through careful analysis of the surfaces (this is normally related to the size of the anomaly, its location, its coloring with respect to the contour surface, and its possible "repetition frequency").
In case of replacement of a product Villa Arredamenti srl informs the customer of the possible return of the parts to be replaced: in case of no request for return is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of the parts in question; In case of organization of the return it is the Customer’s responsibility to properly pack the parts in their original packaging to avoid damage. The optional services of Delivery to the Plan and Delivery to the Plan with Assembly are understood "to draft" and refer exclusively to the delivery of the products ordered: eventual returns and replacements do not provide such services, and instead provide the Standard Shipment (to plan street) or the purchase of a new service.
In the event that (during the exercise of the optional services of Delivery to the Plan or Assembly) there are any anomalies to the assets of the Customer (furniture or real estate), and the Customer presumes that such anomalies were caused by the personnel in charge of the handling, the Customer is obliged to: A- to immediately inform the operators of the anomaly found, together with their passage or at the latest in the seconds immediately following; B- indicate on the Transport Document the words "Damage found to...", adding a brief description of the anomaly and requesting the specific acceptance initials from a present operator; C- send images of the anomaly found to the Customer Service of Villa Arredamenti Srl within 24 hours of delivery; D- send an estimate of restoration of the anomaly within 30 days of delivery; E- send a disaster recovery invoice within 60 days of delivery. Quotation and invoice must be made out to the Customer and issued by a company or professional specialized; each point of this procedure can be activated only and exclusively in case of compliance with the previous point. Obviously every delivery operator always tries to take the greatest possible care to avoid damage to the goods delivered and the goods of the Customer, and at the same time (carrying out an objectively tiring job every day) these are rare events that can happen: By following this procedure, the Customer is protected from any possible anomaly; in case of non-compliance with any of these 5 points Villa Arredamenti Srl declines all responsibility for the goods of third parties.


The products are accompanied by a regular sales invoice valid for the 24 months warranty on conformity defects, made by Villa Arredamenti Srl in accordance with the Consumer Code; for purchases invoiced to persons with VAT number and companies the guarantee is 12 months. The exception to the 24-month warranty is the "Outlet" products from Photo Sets, Fairs, Television Sets and Manufacturer’s Showroom, as they fall into the category of "used goods" on which the warranty is legally 12 months for non aesthetic conformity defects.
The products must be used correctly in compliance with their intended use and maintenance: the packaging must always contain a product card with information about it, but in the absence of such card it is the Customer’s responsibility to contact our Customer Service. Villa Arredamenti srl works to intervene with maximum speed: at the same time we refer to the production and management schedules of our suppliers. In case of replacement or repair of a product it is the Customer’s responsibility to properly pack the parts rendered to avoid damage and to bear the shipping costs for the return of the product; repair costs (materials and labour) and the costs of return to the customer are borne by Villa Arredamenti srl.
For Household Appliances purchased in conjunction with Modular Kitchens, warranty assistance is provided directly by the manufacturer through its Customer Service, both in Italy and abroad. If in your country there is no network of widespread assistance, Villa Arredamenti Srl is available to organize the return of the appliance in Italy at the expense of the customer.


It is an information for the processing of personal data that is rendered pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree 196/03 (hereinafter Privacy Code) for users of our site.. The Data Controller of personal data, relating to identified or identifiable persons processed following consultation of our website, is Villa Arredamenti Srl via Manzoni 47 Colnago di Cornate d'Adda (MB). The treatments connected to the web services of this site take place at Villa Arredamenti s.r.l. and the contents are taken care of by employees of Villa Arredamenti Srl No data deriving from the web service is communicated or distributed to third parties. The personal data provided by users who submit requests for services are used for the sole purpose of performing the service or provision requested and are not communicated to third parties unless the communication is required by law or is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of requests.


Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal information, nor are c.d. persistent cookies of any kind used, or systems for the tracking of users. On are used exclusively technical cookies - including those of Web Analytics - for which according to the legislation there is no need to notify the customer because their purpose is exclusively the proper functioning of the site.


From 1 January 2019, the general obligation of electronic invoicing is in force and therefore, after the issue, the invoice will be immediately sent to the Revenue Agency through the Interchange System (SDI). In the process of forwarding order are required the data necessary for the issuance of the invoice, including the Tax Code for individuals and VAT, the Recipient Code or the PEC for companies. The billing data entered during the order can only be modified until the invoice is issued, which takes place when the first payment is verified. Immediately after the issue the invoice is sent to the SDI, which carries out formal checks on the data present and sends the document in electronic format to the Customer. In case the invoice is rejected, the new data must be communicated within 5 days of the notification. A discarded invoice is considered as "not issued", and Villa Arredamenti srl is therefore required to request the correction of the data to the customer: in case of no response (or absence of new data), Villa reserves the right to proceed with the issue of a receipt to account for the payment received (in these cases it will no longer be possible to issue the invoice)