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Giotto mattress by Midsummer Milano

Pocket spring mattresses: the Giotto model shown in the photo is ideal for completing double beds

Comfortable, breathable and resistant: the model shown in the photo belongs to the rich series of offers designed for good sleep by the brand. The products we present in our store are designed to ensure the deepest sleep for every inhabitant of the house, thanks to anatomical shapes and technological materials. Visit us in the showroom and you will be able to see live all our double mattresses with pocket springs: the best solutions for a good sleep await you. Mattresses guarantee the well-being of our sleep and, consequently, of our daily life: for nothing else, they should always be chosen with great care. The model of Giotto mattress by Midsummer Milano with pocket springs is ergonomic and comfortable, suitable for giving optimal support for the spine to those who sleep.

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