Over the years, the sideboard first became a kitchen cabinet to store assorted objects and, only after with the evolution of design, has assumed the role of authentic furnishing accessory. In past centuries, in the classic country houses, the Madie were practical and robust rectangular solid wood containers, used primarily in the kitchen to store bread, the various types of pasta and flour. Nowadays there is a practically infinite choice of sideboards of every shape, size, material and color on the market, designed by the best brands to complete the furniture combining practical and design skills. Perfect to optimize the space of a living or dining area, the sideboard will be able to enhance the mood of the room helping you, at the same time, to maintain order at home. Since the living area is an area dedicated to many activities, for example relaxation, socializing and also at work, it must be nice to look at, equipped with practicality and complete with everything you need. This proposal with an elongated rectangular shape, will satisfy you with its intrinsic qualities of practicality and aesthetics: if you want to optimize the spaces enriching the aesthetics, then it's right for you.