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Paint wallpaper by Wall&Decò

Paint wallpaper by Wall&Decò: cover the walls of the house enriching them with new coverings and enhance a design atmosphere

The design wallpaper should be chosen following a certain stylistic continuity with the rest of the furniture, to perfectly enrich the home. Come to our showroom to see live our solutions of great decorative impact: you will be able to ponder the stylistic and chromatic combinations. This model is ideal for a design room: the subject attracts attention and embellishes the domestic premises in a balanced way with the remaining furnishings. After choosing the vinyl wallpaper that's right for you, keep in mind that the final result must always be balanced with the aesthetics of the rest of the furniture. The Wall&Decò Paint wallpaper available in our showroom is added to the many products of the brand, synonymous with excellence in the sector.

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