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Baltimora Shabby Chic Kitchen in Scav066 White Ash by Scavolini

The shabby chic Baltimora model in White Ash Scav066 with wooden corner is waiting for you with all the Scavolini quality

The most exclusive Scavolini proposals on the market await you in the showroom in multiple finishes, styles, sizes and shapes. Among the various Shabby Chic wooden kitchens of the company available from us, there are also those complete with electrical appliances, accessory elements and tops. Maximum modularity and versatility typical of Shabby Chic wooden kitchens will allow you to create a unique space according to the country chic style you have always dreamed of. Discover the Baltimora Shabby Chic Kitchen in Scav066 White Ash by Scavolini: you can complete the kitchen you've always dreamed of by optimizing the shape and size of the room. If you want to see first -hand corner kitchens that can be made to measure for you in a shabby chic style, choose the model present here, made of wood of great value and durable over time.

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