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The furnishings of Cattelan Italia, quality and design in the foreground

Trolleys, tables, bar furniture, designer magazine racks and centerpiece trays. The furnishing accessories of Cattelan Italia are characterized by a high quality 26-agrave; materials, a high design content and a great attention to detail and are designed to make a living room or bedroom a welcoming and functional environment. The proposed solutions range from a più style; classic to one più refined, to better integrate with any type of furniture. The strong lines of the garment bags, characterized by a certain material presence given by the use of steel, wood and polyethylene, alternate with the più shapes; soft and sinuous display cabinets where è predominate; the transparency and lightness of the crystal. Geometric patterns or più informal, with light and neutral tones, finally differentiate the proposals of the carpets, giving harmony to the living room.
In the shop , design your rooms together with our expert interior decorators, choosing the più ones from Cattelan's proposals; suited to your style and your needs. 

The tables, consoles and desks

The design tables by Cattelan Italia are symbols of sharing and modernity, they present themselves with a great variety; of finishes , characterizing each environment in a different way. Ceramic tops combine practicalityà to the aesthetic refinement, a crystal table restores brightness; and elegance to the living room, while a wooden table gives solidity; and a greater sense of warmth. The consoles perform a welcoming function for guests, enhancing a corridor or l’ entrance to the house with più design; bold and original. Among the proposals by Cattelan Italia, desks with a più design; elegant and austere, they are perfect for studios and representative offices, while più models; informal and content turn out to be the best choice as stations for smart working .

The cupboards for the living room and the entrance to the house

The cupboard responds to a need; purely functional: it è in fact, the cabinet par excellence, in which to store everyday objects that you want to hide from view. In the proposals of Cattelan Italia, however, the need is 26-agrave; functional does not limit the aesthetic research, reaching results of great value and acting as a real style statement. Whether it's cupboards with sliding doors, hinged sideboardsshowcases , a skilful use of treatments and particular combinations of materials makes them the perfect accessories for the living area or the dining room. The upper shelf looks like an exhibition showcase, to which valuable elements, crystals and objects of art, but also photographs, books or plants can be allocated.

The design libraries

From the first steps taken in the world of furniture in the seventies, Cattelan Italia promotes design furniture that interprets the domestic scene with great personality; and qualità aesthetics. The libraries produced reflect the change in lifestyles and variety; of uses in the different rooms of the house. Freestanding or suspended wall bookcases equip a room functionally, creating an effect of movement with full and empty games. The dividing bookcases offer an elegant and valuable partition, separating different functional areas within a single environment. The features of modularityà and modularityà they allow an optimal adaptation to all spaces, allowing unlimited customized configurations through a large varietyà of choice between materials and finishes.

Mirrors to decorate rooms

The Cattelan Italia mirror collection consists of dozens of solutions to embellish the furniture and emphasize the space in an always different way. It also plays a fundamental role in reflecting natural light, which is why the position in front of the window è one of the ideal solutions. Minimal design or with più shapes; organic and eccentric lend themselves to customized compositions, integrating wall mirrors with floor solutions. The frame può take on some relevance, such as disappearing completely, giving the illusion of a‘ opening in the wall. An interesting proposal è the fumè mirror, able to warm an environment by creating suggestive and exotic atmospheres.

The sleeping area designed by Cattelan Italia

“ The house è the symbol of dear things, a world where everyone surrounds himself with welcoming elements in form and substance&rdquo ;. These words of Giorgio Cattelan show the 26-rsquo; attention of the company towards the 26-rsquo; authenticityà and the care of living. An emotional dimension that is particularly visible in the sleeping area . Double beds  minimal, glamorous or with a retroò taste; they offer the best performance in terms of comfort and aesthetics, to which are added modern bedside tables with shelves and drawers, with maximum functionality. These are associated with the collection of modern-style lamps. Table, wall or pendant, they are designed to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring the correct lighting for the bedroom.