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doimo salotti sofa with peninsula

Doimo Salotti

Decorate your living room with Doimo Salotti sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories: choose the comfort and quality made in Italy.

Doimo Salotti signs quality and trendy comfort

For over 50 years Doimo Salotti has been producing high quality upholstered furniture; . Artisan care and state-of-the-art production technologies allow the company to offer on the market products with a high aesthetic content and made to last over time. Sofas in fabric and leather, armchairs and poufs, as well as a collection of furnishing accessories , which includes coffee tables, sideboards, bookcases, mirrors, wallpapers and carpets, to furnish the living room all& # 39; design sign and qualityà ;. Come and discover the sofas of the brand in our shop in the province of Monza and Brianza and choose the upholstery, the shape, the più composition; suitable for your living room.

How to make the right choice

Linear or angled? In leather or in fabric? With sliding or reclining seat? There are many questions that customers ask themselves before buying a sofa. Doimo Salotti , with its proposals, all made with guaranteed and certified materials , tailoring details and 100 # 37 Made in Italy workmanship, satisfies every request to the fullest. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, we recommend that you first decide where you will place the sofa. The linear sofas , with two or three seats, facilitate movement in the room; corner sofas encourage conversation; those with a peninsula praise relaxation. And if you have little space, discover in the store all the models of very comfortable sofa beds proposed by Doimo Salotti!

Doimo Salotti's stain-resistant fabric sofas

All Doimo Salotti fabric sofas are completely removable and washable . The company has developed a stain-resistant fabric that resists stains from wine, soft drinks, coffeeè and oil. This type of coating è water repellent, allows you to easily removeà liquids or grease from the surface with a cloth or kitchen paper even after a few hours. The stain-resistant treatment persists even if we wash the fabric in the washing machine at 30/40 degrees using a little neutral detergent. Resists wear, &and severe; breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The value of a leather sofa

The leather sofa gives the living room a sophisticated and elegant wing. The coating conveys prestige and qualityà ;, è soft to the touch and può choose from a wide range of colors, to fit it harmoniously into any furnishing context. Doimo Salotti selects only top quality cowhides for its upholstery; , subjecting them to special procedures that make them waterproof, breathable, resistant to rubbing and stains. The craftsmanship with which the leather sofas by Doimo Salotti are made blends with modern shapes , with clean and essential lines: the structure of these models, in metal and thin, highlights the softness and shape of the sofa and makes it a piece of unique furniture , an investment destined to accompany us over time while keeping its charm intact.

Sofa beds for those with limited space

If in the apartment you have the need to make the most of the little space available; if you need an extra bed in the second house; if you usually receive guests, the convertible sofa beds are for you. The Doimo Salotti models can be configured according to your personal needs, to create corner sofas or with chaise longue equipped with a container for storing pillows and blankets. The sofas that convert into a double bed are equipped with comfortable mattresses 12, 17 or 21 cm high and of various widths. Thanks to special mechanisms integrated into the structure, the bed can be easily extracted without removing the seat cushions and the backrest. The company also has models that convert into a single bed and also have a second pull-out bed.

Armchairs, poufs and furnishing accessories

To complete the living room and the area dedicated to relaxation and conversation, Doimo Salotti offers armchairs, small armchairs, practical tables and poufs to match its sofas. With current design and made with quality materials; the furnishings of the brand give personalityà and style to the living area to make living beautiful and comfortable. For those who need to contain and store objects and dishes, there are sideboards, storage units and bookcases. Paintings, mirrors and carpets complete the atmosphere at best.