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The Swedish handcrafted beds from Hastens

The experience of six generations of skilled craftsmanship flows into the making of the Hastens beds . In the famous Ko? Ping factory, the 26-rsquo; man and his skillà manual retain all their centrality, becauseé machines capable of equaling the quality have not yet been invented; processing. The fibers used are hand-worked with a special layer-by-layer technique, which increases their softness and flexibility; ; the seams are performed with absolute precision and completed by side stitching that give the bed an aura of preciousness. In the brass details, in the embroidered finishes, è It is possible to grasp that degree of perfection that can only be achieved with years of refinement of production techniques, offering the public contemporary products, but which at the same time contain all their long and rich history.
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Hastens, specialists in good rest since 1800

Since in 1852 Pehr Adolf Janson received the certificate of Master Sellaio from the King of Sweden, the improvement brought about by each successive generation è constant and lasting state. Of 1917 è the decision to abandon the manufacture of saddles, given the increasing diffusion of cars, to devote himself entirely to beds. In the same year a horse is added to the name of the company in memory of its origins, but also to celebrate the bond with this animal from which the horsehair used in the 26-rsquo; padding of the beds . In the seventies the relationship between the più dimension was consolidated; craftsmanship and the research of design with the appearance of the famous white and blue checkered pattern , which since then immediately identifies the image of Hastens. With the fifth and sixth generation the reputation of the company is further consolidated, with the expansion of its market in 37 countries and the crowning of world excellence with the appointment as official supplier by the company. Swedish royal house.

Why choose a Hastens bed

Among the strengths  of the Hastens beds there are certainly other materials used for their realization. Natural materials , used by humans for millennia, to provide the best sleep experience possible. Animal skin is tanned without the use of artificial products; the wood used è slow-growing Swedish pine, which gives it strength and stability; much greater; the natural fibers , horsehair, cotton, linen and wool are treated by hand and in such a way as to be completely hypoallergenic. In addition, they guarantee a constant air exchange, which naturally regulates the temperature and humidity. of the mattress. Once you lie down on it, the weight is distributed in a balanced way, maintaining optimal posture and correct breathing, as well as improving blood circulation. This minimizes the odds; to wake up during the night and a good sleep è at the basis of a healthy life and qualityà ;.

Linen to dress exclusive beds

Among the dedicated bedding , including duvet cover and pillow case, can notò miss the classic checkered pattern , made of a combed cotton fabric that guarantees maximum flexibility; and breathabilityà ;. There is no shortage of reinterpretations with one- color variants , in combed satin, sober and elegant, or more ugrave styles; casual, in which the lines lose their orthogonality; coloring with the shades of English gardens full of flowers, giving a feeling of freshness and vitalityà ;. Among the available materials there is è also the flax, whose capacityà absorption and release of 26-rsquo; humidityà è able to create excellent microclimates for rest. Furthermore, a lower tendency to get dirty than cotton makes it easier to clean and maintain.