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Molteni & C, synonymous with Made in Italy design

A’ company that è a point of reference in the Italian and world furniture sector for over 80 years, capable of communicating with the major protagonists of architecture and design, combining aesthetics and functionality in a unique way ;. Today, Molteni & C combines ancient words and new paradigms: tradition, identityà ;, specialization, blend with minimalism, sustainabilityà ;, digital, as demonstrated by the production of some projects by Gio Ponti or the collection inspired by Ignazio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa, masters of modern Italian architecture. Since 2016, with the appointment of Vincent Van Duysen as creative director, he has pursued the path of minimalism , geometric rigor and clean lines , but in a strongly Italian and Mediterranean guise. Molteni & C interprets the changes in the ways of living, considering the home as a place for new socialities, and making 26-rsquo; welcome, flexibilityà and dynamismà its key points. Discover all the furniture proposals of the brand for the living and sleeping area in our shop and choose the design for your rooms.

Bookcases and equipped walls for the living room

Modularità and versatilityà they are the qualitiesà which allow each Molteni & C to be unique, completely customizable according to taste and needs; dell’ user. From modular wall systems , with wood finishes and a careful use of lighting that enhances and enhances the objects of affection or the books displayed inside, to the modern and elegant lines of the dividing systems, più ; light and permeable, but with a strongly domestic tone. The possibilitiesà they expand further with l’ adding closed elements in the composition, alternating full and empty. Finally, the suspended bookcases in the catalog are characterized by a minimal design. Not interrupting the continuityà of the floor, the perception of the environment widens, in favor of brightness; of the House.

Wardrobes and cabins to organize the wardrobe

Molteni & C proposes a personal concept of made -to-measure wardrobe through a frame system that integrates the metal structure with an eco-leather covering, enhancing its tactile dimension. For the walk-in closet , a great variety; of aesthetic finishes and coordinated internal equipment guarantees the possibility; to keep their clothes in sight or hide, adapting to different types of environments. Sliding doors or partitions close and separate the cab compartments. L’ technological integration è noteworthy, air purification and fragrance systems, capable of removing harmful agents that come into contact with clothes during the day, are easily managed via smartphone from a dedicated app. È It is also possible to integrate a device that combines the functions of refreshing, sanitizing, drying, for always impeccable clothes.

The bedroom designed by Molteni & C

Soft and essential lines are combined with a careful study of the materials used in the sleeping area designed by Molteni & C. The bed bases can be in wood and metal, with the details making the difference, for a timeless classic style, or upholstered in fabrics, with più effects; colorful and sinuous. Among the furnishing accessories proposed, drawers with più designs stand out; sober and elegant, but also the warmth of night tables with più shapes; generous. Più size mirrors; or less large, to be placed on the ground or hung over a sideboard complete the offer, together with accessories of different nature in shadesà warm and light, whose particularityà resides in the material. The Plexiglas they are made of &isgrave; completely recycled, avoiding waste of material through an intelligent use of waste.

Sofas and armchairs between comfort and design

The sofas and armchairs are an expression of research and craftsmanshipà at the center of Molteni's vision & C. Più structures; light and thin, suitable for metropolitan environments and contemporary living, they are expressions of great refinement and essentialityà ;. But più concepts are not excluded; decorative, with traditional shapes and soft and enveloping backrests. The sofas do not renounce a modularityà , in which elements such as poufs and chaise longues can also detach themselves and remain in the center of the room, with games of full and empty spaces and the possibilityà to add elements such as armrests and coffee tables. The armchairs integrate l’ hospitality and l’ hospitalityà of the living. From Gio Ponti's timeless projects to contemporary ones, they allow you to create moreù environments; intimate or suitable for conversation and sharing.

The dining area

Tables with light shapes, which fold like a delicate origami, thanks to the possibilities of aluminum, or linear and thread-like designs, which almost disappear from sight. The choice for the dining area can contemplate the material presence of a wooden table, warm and resistant, as an avant-garde design inspired by modern tensile structures and complete recyclability. To this variety of materials and shapes is added the collection of contemporary seats, with or without armrests, the key word of which is ergonomics. Solutions in which the structure and the upholstery are both visible and distinct in the treatment or that identify the chair as a single piece, where the continuity of the material dominates. Among the proposals in the catalog there are also some perfect stools to take advantage of the shelves of an island or peninsula kitchen.