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Furnishing accessories by Ozzio, for contemporary interiors

Born at the beginning of the sixties as an artisan workshop in the furniture district of Brianza, Ozzio Italia è today an internationally established brand. Qualityà products and links with the territory are values that inspire l’ activitiesà every day; dell’ company, engaged in the creation of contemporary forms that collect inspirations from various sources and reinterpret them in the sign of a refined Italian style. L’ ancient knowledge of materials such as wood and metal and their processing è at the basis of innovative production methods used to respond to constantly evolving housing needs. The brand offers a rich selection of d&rsquo accessories; transformable furniture , capable of modifying environments by fulfilling multiple functions.
In our shop you can discover the wide range of products of the brand, to furnish your home with design, space-saving and intelligent solutions.  

The rich offer of tables and consoles?

Absolute protagonists of the living area, the tables signed by Ozzio Italia are proposed in a varietyà of configurations. Dynamic bases with a unique design support tops in marble glass, ceramic, crystal, wood and concrete of various shapes and sizes, giving rise to different material and chromatic combinations. The fixed tables stand out for their refinement and personality, while the extendable tables, combining technicalityà and aesthetic value, are ideal for optimizing spaces, lending themselves to occasions of convivialityà ;. Usable as real dining tables or as desks and desks for study and work, the extendable consoles represent an elegant space-saving solution perfect for any environment.

The multifunctional and transformable coffee tables?

The Ozzio Italia coffee tables are complements of d’ functional and versatile furniture which, thanks to their multifaceted character, can satisfy different needs at various times of the day and according to the needsà specifications. The practical multifunctional tables, with their amortized elevating tops , are an ideal support for moments of leisure, study or work. The transformable tables , on the other hand, hide mechanisms that allow you to increase or decrease their height and length, responding to multiple uses. These are very convenient space-saving solutions , ideal not only for small homes, but also for those who prefer clean and essential furnishings to crowded environments.

Chairs, stools and armchairs

L’ company presents a very rich collection of chairs, stools and armchairs for every area of the house, the result of a continuous research process aimed at combining aesthetics and comfort. Whether fixed or folding , padded and upholstered in leather and fabric, or modeled in wood and metal, Ozzio Italia chairs stand out for their refined and functional design . The stools, fixed or adjustable in height, with bases of different shapes and sizes and soft and comfortable seats, are particularly suitable for kitchens with peninsula. The armchairs, characterized by a varietyà of bases and enveloping seats with soft lines, are articulated according to different compositions, capable of characterizing every space in a unique and personal way.

The cupboards for the entrance and the living room

The Ozzio Italia sideboards , available in various sizes and materials, lend themselves to different needs and destinations of use. These are decorative and at the same time functional complements, able to offer large shelves and storage compartments to be exploited according to needs. The modern and essential lines make these storage units suitable for elegantly enhancing the available space, completing the furniture of the living area. È It is possible to choose between designs with two, three or four doors, with coplanar or hinged sliding openings. The multiple configurations and finishes in wood, lacquer, ceramic or marble glass, allow you to adapt to different styles, giving personality; to any environment.