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We are retailers of solid wood furniture signed Riva 1920. Unique pieces made to last over time.

Why buy a Riva1920 solid wood furniture

Founded over a hundred years ago as a small artisan shop specializing in the production of solid wood furniture, Riva 1920 has always made of durability; of its products and respect for the environment its mission. Maintaining high quality standards characterizes the entire manufacturing process, from the choice of raw materials to the highest quality; precious to the care of every finishing.

Artisan mastery and cutting-edge technologies find a meeting point in the processing techniques used by the 26-rsquo; company which, in full respect of the ancient Brianza cabinet-making tradition, bring to the skilful construction of timeless furniture, created to last and be handed down from generation to generation.

Discover all the collections of the brand in our shop in the province of Monza and Brianza:   Choose i WOODEN BEDS   and the coordinated bedside tables to furnish the sleeping area with style; the robust and valuable  TABLES RIVA 1920   and chairs for the living room, the kitchens: fine and design furniture, made to last over time.

The types of wood used

Riva 1920 produces solid wood furniture: among the essences used there is è l’ ancient New Zealand Kauri , one of the mostù rare and precious existing woods, which is extracted from swamps in which it is è perfectly preserved for tens of thousands of years.

The company has also chosen to give new life to the wood of the Briccole , the characteristic structures used to indicate the waterways in the Venetian lagoon, creating unique pieces of furniture and suggestive.

Then we find cedar , a light but resistant wood, which stands out for its intoxicating scent and for its natural sour properties; mothproof. Finally, there is no shortage of traditional woods such as l’ maple, cherry, oak, walnut, l’ elm and teak, characterized by resistance and durability.

When furniture truly respects the environment

The values of sustainabilityà environment are the basis of Riva 1920's production. The solid wood used comes exclusively from controlled cuts , and è the restoration of each felled tree is foreseen. The multilayer wood instead è obtained exclusively from Italian poplar wood, which thanks to its rapid growth represents an easily renewable forest resource. Particular attention is also paid to the packaging phase, which involves the use of cardboard made respecting sustainable forest management . Safeguarding the environment becomes a concrete commitment also thanks to simple gestures such as giving each customer who buys a product a small tree to transplant.

The living room by Riva 1920

The company offers a rich selection of elements dedicated to the furniture of the living area . These are solutions of the highest quality, with a refined and authentic style, which stand out for their capacity; to interpret the needs of the present in a fluid and functional way, with the possibility; of tailor-made customizations.

The solid wood tables , made in a very wide varietyà of shapes and models, have always represented the heart of Riva 1920's production. We also find a wide selection of coffee tables, chairs, benches, stools, storage units, consoles, bookcases, desks, armchairs and sofas of different styles, materials and colors, able to adapt to any type of environment, characterizing it with a strong personality.

Riva 1920's bedroom furniture

Essential and refined lines distinguish the furnishing solutions for the sleeping area , an environment which, in addition to reflecting one's personal taste and style, must promote rest by instilling a sense of peace and tranquility.

Riva 1920's wooden beds , finished by hand with natural waxes and oils, perfectly meet these needs, combining comfort and durability with aesthetic value. The solid wood and plywood wardrobes are able to satisfy any type of need, ranging from più solutions; conventional to più models; innovative. The interiors in scented cedar wood guarantee a functional organization of the space and can be customized with the insertion of hangers, shelves and drawers.