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Misses Flower Power Planter Vase by Kartell

Misses Flower Power Planter Vase by Kartell: discover the brand's complete line of modern accessories

The Kartell brand means excellence and style: visiting us means relying on the many years of experience and dedication of the brand. In the showroom you can see firsthand all the most original compositions of the well-known brand, including those complete with modern plastic vases. To make the most of the interiors, a touch of style is enough to be obtained by inserting some quality Complements among the rest of the furnishings. Elegance and practicality distinguish the different solutions of the signature, including this solution of Misses Flower Power Planter Vase by Kartell in plastic with a strong aesthetic impact. From the bedroom to the living room, these accessory elements are indispensable objects for optimally completing the practical qualities and aesthetic value of the rooms.

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