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Panna Cotta coffee table by Molteni & C

Coffee table Panna Cotta by Molteni & C: discover the complete series of designer furniture accessories by the brand.

Complements and coffee tables personalize home furnishings, occupying the space in a useful way and making it very functional and beautiful to look at. In the shop you will be able to touch the excellence of the brand's metal design coffee table models, just like this solution in the photo. Panna Cotta coffee table by Molteni & C in metal: it will give character and charm to an interior furnished with furniture and accessory elements with design references. Highly versatile and multifunctional, the metal design complements perform disparate functions: they complete the practical qualities and aesthetic value of the environment. The highly aesthetic compositions of the Molteni & C brand enhance the interiors with color and taste, recreating peculiar furnishing atmospheres.

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