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Storage Wall Spazio Rovere Laguna di Pianca

The Spazio Rovere Laguna Storage Wall by Pianca in the photograph is one of the most beautiful furnishing solutions on the market: great modularity qualities and the various design possibilities make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. Pianca produces innovative models of living room furniture, different in terms of style and shape, finishes and accessories: discover the best-branded home furnishings in our store. The wooden living room furniture with modern lines like the model in the photograph are truly versatile and capable of furnishing the living room by making the most of every corner. Since the living room must be an easy and beautiful space to look at, some beautiful and functional furniture such as the Equipped Walls are indispensable. Let yourself be fascinated by a rich catalog of furnishings for the living area and you will be able to find the equipped wall that's right for you.

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