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MHC2 modular bookcase by Molteni & C

This wooden MHC2 model with sleek lines is one of the ideal living room furniture pieces by Molteni & C for creating livable spaces.

The MHC2 modular bookcase by Molteni & C in the photo, in the wooden variant, is truly functional and versatile, solid and durable, as well as customizable according to the most particular housing needs. Design bookcases are always much appreciated for arranging the living room and walls, perfectly mixing functionality and style. The Molteni & C modular bookcases are available in different configurations: corner, in line, suspended and made to measure with various accessories, shelves and compartments. The living room, par excellence, the area of the house in which one dedicates oneself to relaxation every day, chatting with family and friends, resting alone or watching television. Contact us for info and quotes on the model shown in the photo: if you want to complete design rooms, then this bookcase with decisive shapes is for you.

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