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Lampo Open 9 TV stand by Sangiacomo

This Lampo Open 9 wooden model is one of the modern living room furniture of the Sangiacomo brand

The model in the photo is part of Sangiacomo's line of modern wooden TV stands: with us, you will find only the most beautiful offers on the market. Whether you intend to store your television, books, or various objects, a piece of furniture like the one shown in the photo will know how to dress up and enhance domestic environments. In the living room, we need furniture that accompanies us in our daily lives, facilitating the actions we do every day and creating unique atmospheres. TV stands, if chosen carefully, help complete your living room by serving as a multifunctional support surface for your objects, TV, and whatever else. Useful and incredibly charming, our Sangiacomo wooden TV stands for modern environments will optimize spaces, enhancing their beauty.

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