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E-Gò 54 Bathroom Cabinet by Arcom

Discover our line of modern bathroom furniture and suspended melamine bathroom furniture, such as the E-Gò 54 model

Home bathrooms differ both in taste and in size, so it is essential for everyone to find the ideal solution for their own needs. The colors, materials, and elements that the brand offers for modern bathroom furnishings with suspended bathroom furniture allow for the design of different contexts. Every project obtained with the company's products can be characterized by suspended bathroom furniture of all types, always made from high-quality and durable materials. The bathroom is the space dedicated to well-being and personal care practices, so it should be designed by combining functionality and style. Here we propose the E-Gò 54 Bathroom Cabinet model by Arcom in melamine, which perfectly furnishes the space while preserving practicality. With an infinite number of furnishing compositions offered by Arcom, you can design the bathroom down to the smallest details, solving your housing needs.

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