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Pollock Trame 94 Bathroom Cabinet by Arcom

Arcom Bathroom Furniture: discover a rich catalog of suspended bathroom furniture in matt lacquer, including the Pollock Trame 094 model

With an infinite number of compositions from the Arcom brand, you can decorate the bathroom down to the smallest details, solving your housing needs. The bathroom is an environment aimed at relaxation and personal care practices, so it should be furnished by combining functionality and style. Here we propose the Pollock Trame 94 Bathroom Furniture model from Arcom, in a matte lacquered finish, which perfectly decorates the space while ensuring practicality. The shades, materials, and elements that the brand offers for bathroom design with suspended bathroom furniture allow for decorating various contexts. Every project developed with products from the brand can be personalized with suspended bathroom furniture of all types, always made from high-quality and long-lasting materials. Home bathrooms vary in style and size, so it is essential for everyone to find the ideal solution for their needs.

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