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Rail 02 Bathroom Cabinet by Arcom

Rail 02 Bathroom Furniture by Arcom: a rich catalog of free-standing bathroom furniture and modern bathroom furniture Arcom is waiting for you

The Arcom Rail 02 Bathroom Mobile model in melamine finishes the room perfectly, combining elegance with functionality and ergonomics. Today, the bathroom is no longer just a service room: its design receives the same attention as the rest of the home. In our store, you will find various proposals by Arcom to furnish the area dedicated to personal care. Modern Bathroom Furnishing from top brands guarantees compositions that create environments with great design and excellent equipment. The renowned brand's proposals are always made with high-quality materials, capable of withstanding the effects of moisture and cleaning agents over the years. In our showroom, you will find not only sanitary fixtures, but also all the other accessories included in the bathroom project: discover the most exclusive proposals for floor-standing bathroom furniture.

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