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Modern kitchen with Glass 2|0 01 peninsula by Arredo3.

Arredo3 kitchens with peninsula that can be made to measure for you: different modern proposals awa

Keep in mind that the kitchen is a place subject to damage from humidity and heat: the proposal in the photo, like all Modern Kitchens on the market, requires proper maintenance. This solution with a peninsula of high aesthetic value, signed by the renowned brand, is one of the most exclusive models and you can request it in different materials. The purchase of the new kitchen will depend on the layout of the room, its style, and your needs for space, practicality, and storage capacity. Choosing this Modern Kitchen with Glass 2|0 01 peninsula by Arredo3 in glass means organizing the spaces to fully enhance them, without sacrificing style. In our showroom, you will find a rich catalog of high aesthetic value Arredo3 Modern Kitchens, in various colors and design materials, and of various shapes.

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